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There is lots of talk about the new age technology that “WILL” change the future. But very few are focusing on one of the extremely powerful weapon which can today automate 100’s of task we do and have potential to boost productivity, improve quality of work, increase accuracy make your work more versatile. Effective use of Excel helps develop your attitude towards data and automation and help you prepare for a role for data scientist and automation expert in future

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Combo Offers

1. On all 5 courses 13,500 after discount ₹ 4,500 (67% discount)

2. Buy Combo pack of Financial Modeling and Python
6,000 after discount ₹ 2,500
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Combo Packs

1. On all 5 courses 13,500 after discount ₹ 4,500 (67% discount)

2. Buy Combo pack of Financial Modeling and Python
6,000 after discount ₹ 2,500
(58% discount )
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10 +

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Learning Path

• Variable conditional formatting
• Excel data entry forms
• Using scroll bars and spin buttons to facilitate forms creation
• Custom number formatting in excel
• Working with cells and excel ranges
• Introduction to excel tables auto fill, custom list, flashfill
• Excel formulas Compare Lists, Get Unique List, Get the Closest Match, Get Last Value in the List
• 2 Way and 3 Way Lookup using Index/Match
• Exploring what if scenarios using Goal Seek
• Learn to develop data models and data bases
• Pivot Table (Creating, formatting, grouping, calculation, slicer, pivot charts) Using source data from a table to make your PivotTable more dynamic
• Highlighting PivotTable results with conditional formatting
• Power Pivot
• Functions like FORMULATEXT, N Function, ISBLANK, COUNTBLANK,
• Consolidate data, transpose data, conditional formatting
• Parsing your data to create unique lists
• Creating dynamic charts with in cell conditional formatting
• Enhancing table filtering with slicers.

• Dynamically present data via chart slicer
• Dynamic charts and graphs

  • football field chart,
  • waterfall chart,
  • tornado chart,
  • gravity sort table,
  • gauge chart,
  • bullet charts,
  • sparklines, combo chart etc.

• Dynamic dashboarding
• Key visualization techniques
• Geo Spatial Mapping
• Changing Chart Types & Adding a Secondary Axis
• Customizing Chart Elements, Layouts & Styles
• Excel Histograms & Pareto Charts
• Excel Box & Whisker Charts
• Excel Surface & 3D Contour Charts and heat maps
• Introduction to Macro and VBA

  • VBA Editor
  • Watch a macro being recorded
  • VBA programming variables
  • Excel VBA charts

• Forecast using excel
• Show time series data by plotting and displaying information.
• Devise a moving average chart.
• Recognize how to account for errors and bias.
• Interpret and utilize trendlines.
• Determine how to model exponential growth.
• Compute the compound annual growth rate.
• Analyse the impact of seasonality.
• Identify the ratio to moving average method.
• Calculating mean and median values
• Analysing data using variance and standard deviation
• Working with sample data
• Minimizing errors
• Visualizing data with histograms, charts, and more
• Testing hypotheses
• Measuring covariance and correlation
• Performing Bayesian analysis
• Using the TREND and GROWTH functions for projecting future

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• Using the TREND and GROWTH functions for projecting future results
• Comps analysis Precedents analysis Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis
• Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
• Enterprise value, equity value multiples
• Free Cash Flow to the Firm (FCFF) and
• Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) Net Present Value (NPV)
• Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Sum of the Parts (SOTP)
• 3 statement financial modeling Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Scenario and sensitivity analysis
• Monthly cash flow forecasting Accretion/dilution analysis Leveraged Buyout (LBO)
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Industry specific financial modeling
• Incremental, activity based, value proposition, zero based budgeting
• Break even analysis, margin of safety
• Quantitative forecasting moving average, simple and multiple linear regression.

• Introduction to Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks for Python
• Input/output formatting
• How to build custom functions
• Lear to write basic Python scripts to perform calculation and obtain results
• Learn to manipulate important data structures such as lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries
• Import NumPy and Pandas
• Filter data with Boolean masks
• Learn to access CSV and XLS files in Python
• Learn to manipulate arrays in NumPy packages


Trainer's Profile

Our Trainer has a unique combination of financial qualification (Chartered Accountant) and technology (Masters in Computer Science). Because of this blend, he can bring a holistic proposition on to the table while advising or suggesting solutions. He has himself used technology including excel solutions for various clients with the objective of removing redundancy and creating effectiveness. He has taken many sessions on Excel / PowerPoint / Blockchain / RPA etc. His unique project-driven style of sharing knowledge helps participants take maximum benefit. 
He is passionate about learning and implementing new things, tools, technology. He is a regular speaker at various forums like ICAI, ACCA, CII, CMA, and Corporates.  His knowledge and experience of 15+ years make him stand apart from other professionals.

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