8 best company cultures in India with great employee benefits

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Posted Date: 22 Mar 2022
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From Google to TCS, there have been many companies in India that are famous specifically for the work environment that they provide. Some of them might not dole out fancy fat paychecks, but the additional perks that they provide, along with their lenient and nurturing HR policies make them the heavenly abode of employees.

The companies mentioned in this article are ranked on the basis of certain parameters.

Parameters like a number of maternity leaves, work-life balance, lenient and progressive HR policies, an open and welcoming environment, the ability to discuss ideas, and certain other parameters are going to be judged for the ranking.

Companies that excel in these rankings are going to be included and ranked.

In this article, we are going to list some of these companies and illustrate why they have been included in this list.


Believe it or not, Flipkart tops the list and is placed even higher than Google India on this list. 

From its maternity programs to higher education allowances, to onsite fully equipped gym facilities, Flipkart provides everything possible to its employees.

The company provides Maternity, Paternity, and even adoption programs. It also has excellent health, medical, accident, and travel insurance policies.

It has one of the best Paternity policies out of any other company in India.

Google India

There is a reason why Google is the first dream company of any individual. In fact, Google India is at the top of the list simply because of its amazing infrastructure, office campus, amenities and workspace provided, and its obviously high pay packages.

According to Google India employees, the Google work campus is such that you never want to leave work.

A flexible work schedule, recreational games, a fully equipped gym, and best of all, SLEEP PODS!

You can literally take naps in your office if you feel like you are overworked or need rest.

No wonder it is literally called the “dream company” by many.


Accenture is famous for its amazing parent support policies. It offers great perks and support to both mothers and fathers in case of pregnancies.

It includes a variety of resources such as discounted childcare services, interactive parenting workshops, employee assistance programs, and pre-and post-maternity counseling sessions.

Employees can also work with their supervisors and career counselors to sustain work-from-home arrangements. 

Additionally, mothers can get 26 weeks of maternity leave and can opt for working from home for another year after childbirth.

Furthermore, they also get additional 120 hours of subsidized backup which allows them to take care of their child while working in the company.

Ernst & Young

E&Y is best recognized because of its gender equality policy in the work environment.

The company strives to include women in all, professional networks with the help of discussion forums, book clubs, lectures, dinners, outings, etc. 

This helps women open up about any issues they might be facing in the work environment and also helps them get guidance related to their future paths and career goals.

E&Y also has a strong maternity program that helps women in pregnancy get up to 26 weeks of paid maternity leaves and the option to return back to their careers even after 5 years of maternity break.

They can also opt for a flexible work environment using video conferencing, and team dynamics.

E&Y also helps women with their maternity coaching program that allows inexperienced or first-time mothers to connect with experienced women and seek guidance.

SAP Labs

Not only do SAP Labs don’t have any attendance requirements for their employees, but they also have an incredible work environment favoring their employees.

Furthermore, the company also gives out up to 20 weeks of paid maternity leaves and substantial adoption leaves.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of SAP Labs is that the breakfast for the employees is prepared by the senior management.

(The things companies can do to ensure employee retention!)

Intuit technology

A very important aspect for any employee-centric company should be establishing a liberal platform where employees can talk about global and societal issues and address problems.

Intuit Tech especially promotes discussion and awareness of LGBT-related issues, owing to its Pride network.

The company also allows as well as encourages employees to pursue projects outside the office.

It also encourages women technologists to return to work after a career break. (owing to maternity or child rearing)

Marriot Hotels

The employees at Marriot Hotel are not referred to as employees but as associates. With over 5000 “associates”, Marriot encourages its employees by incentivizing them with an all-expense-paid trip to any of its international properties.

Along with that, Marriot also offers life, medical, travel, and accident insurance benefits to its employees. 

Employees also get severance pay if they decide to leave the company.

Intel Technology

This one is a bonus for all the travel lovers out there.

At Intel, employees are entitled to major bonus programs as well as medical, dental, and vision coverage programs. 

The best part is that employees are also entitled to annual vacation leave.

They also provide financial assistance to employees to meet job-related upskilling or education requirements.

And that’s the end of the list. (phew!)

Let’s embrace and appreciate the fact that there are companies that go out of their way to prove their appreciation and love for their employees.

Providing employee benefits to sustain employee retention is an important task for any organization or company for it showcases their growth and nurturing work culture.

Furthermore, if a company maintains and provides a thriving work culture and appropriate conveniences to its employees, it boosts employee productivity and in the end, directly benefits the company.

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