Top companies in the world with the best HR departments

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Posted Date: 07 Apr 2022
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An HR department is in charge of increasing employee productivity and protecting the organization from any problems that may develop in the workplace. Compensation and benefits, recruitment, and firing, as well as staying up to date on any regulations that may affect the company and its employees, are all examples of HR obligations. 

The stronger and better the HR department of a company would be and higher and better would be the bar of success. After all the fine architecture, airy rooms, and dashing interior of the offices do not make the company great but the employees who work for the company tirelessly. It is up to the HR department to take care of the employees and make them give their 100% for the company. 

The list given below contains some of the best companies pertaining to the strongest HR department. 



Google LLC is a multinational technology firm based in the United States that specializes in Internet-related services and products such as a search engine, digital advertising strategies, cloud computing, software, and hardware. We know it for its search engine, which is unquestionably the greatest. Google offers a vast array of cloud-based software, including G Suite, which is a suite of Google-developed and powered business, productivity, collaboration, and education tools. Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+, Sites, Hangouts, and Keep are the major G Suite tools.

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google is the best example of an HR department in the world. With 135,000 employees and CEO, Sundar Pichai Google’s performance index is 8.877. Google's HR department is known as People Operations, however, most employees abbreviate it to POPS. The group is led by Laszlo Bock, a trim, soft-spoken 40-year-old who joined Google six years ago. Florencia Porcaro is Google's Chief Human Resources Executive; they have a very caring and familial approach to their staff. 


It was started in a small room and who knew that it would be one of the best and leading social media sites. Yes, we know it just a social media site and that is what is it is! … Well, it is not the hard truth actually it is a technology company that recently is has changed its name as well which is now Meta Technology, again that same surprise holds with the fact that Facebook or so-called Meta technology is not just social media platform. It also has a whole systematic structure. Its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and along with a harmonious HR department have brought it at a good performance index which is 9.06 with 71,970 employees. 

Great managers at Facebook are supportive, caring for their employees, recognizing their talents, and ensuring that they have opportunities to develop and grow in their employment." Great managers, as opposed to "good" ones, work "side by side" with their staff. Facebook has a really strong HR department no doubt and  Lori Goler is Facebook's Vice President of Human Resources and Recruiting, she is in charge of all areas of the company's people strategy, including the growth, development, and retention of the Facebook team.


Deloitte, headquartered in London, England, is one of the Big Four accounting firms and the world's largest professional services network in terms of revenue and number of people. William Welch Deloitte began the firm in London in 1845, and it extended to the United States in 1890. 

Deloitte is a global leader in audit and assurance, consulting, financial advising, risk advisory, tax, and other related services. Deloitte presently employs roughly 330,000 individuals across 150 countries and territories. 

Deloitte Consulting lives up to its reputation by providing its employees with possibilities for advancement and development. Its competitive yet healthy environment encourages you to advance in your profession. The emphasis on networking allows you to develop long-term relationships with colleagues and clients.  


Accenture plc is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in Ireland that specializes in information technology (IT) services and consulting. It is a Fortune Global 500 corporation. It has a stronger HR department and fine work ethics to promote the dedicated spirit in the employees.  However, the organization supplies you with all you require. 

Accenture is the best company to work for. Full job stability, work-life balance, and an amazing hike It's simply that in order to gain more, you must work harder. Concerning Ellyn. Ellyn Shook is Accenture's chief leadership and human resources officer, in charge of assisting the firm's 674,000 employees in achieving professional and personal success. They have a great number of employees and a total of 6,99,000 employees work for this company with great zeal and fervor which shows the great mindset of the HR department there. 


Adobe is a software firm based in the United States. Adobe Systems, the company's official name, is well-known for its multimedia and creativity software products. Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud are all popular products. 

They adhere to the following key principles: Integrity, which is demonstrated through conducting business in accordance with high ethical standards. They value their employees, customers, vendors, partners, stockholders, and the communities in which we live and operate. Sincerity in internal and external communications, as well as in all commercial transactions. 


Human resource departments commonly involve recruiting, training and development, compensation and benefits administration, health and safety, and worker relations, and Adobe is the company where people work most productively. Adobe employs around 24,000 people worldwide and its HR is Neelam Rao. 


Starbucks Corporation is a coffeehouse and roastery reserve international corporation located in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. The corporation had 33,833 outlets in 80 countries as of November 2021, with 15,444 of them in the United States. 

Starbucks Corporation has created a powerful SHRM model to ensure that key targets are met on time. The first is to promote the most effective workforce planning. The SHRM focuses on the best methods for recruiting, training and empowering people in order to achieve the desired results. 

Angela Lis is Starbucks' chief partner officer and executive vice president, overseeing Partner (Human) Resources and 383,000 total employees are there at Starbucks. 

These are it!

The human resources department safeguards the company's interests, image, and prosperity in every way possible by adhering to numerous regulations, carrying out administrative processes, and developing policies in the most cost-effective manner.

As they say, "If you want to establish a business, you must first build the people. 


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