One of the most coveted professions in India today is being a Chartered Accountant. It may be because of the fact that not only a CA degree opens a multitude of opportunities for you, but it is also a mark of being a highly credible professional in the field. It is afterall a qualification that is globally recognised and appreciated.

The need of a CA as a professional has also exponentially increased over time with the massive development seen in the technological sectors and the implied need for accounting professionals.

In such times, it is very natural to see an increase in the competition and the overall pressure a CA aspirant faces and so a strong foundation is much needed for the CA exam preparation which comes from right guidance by the right CA teachers.

CA Aditya Jain on How to be a successful CA

CA Aditya Jain also popularly known as the SFM guru, believes that there is massive potential in the field of chartered accountancy in the upcoming field. An example to support this hypothesis is the fact that out of 136 crore people in India, the number of CAs is less than 10 lakh, which implies that there are not enough CA professionals who can guide our tax-payers.

Here are a few excerpts of the expert advice shared by CA Aaditya Jain during the Webinar on ‘How to be a successful CA’ on January 31, 2021 exclusively with OnePrep :

Here we share a few key points from the expert advice coming straight from CA Aditya Jain during his webinar on How to be a successful CA  with OnePrep.

  • The journey to being a CA is in itself a success story.
  • Communication skills are essential and must be honed along with your CA preparation.
  • Try to solve all kinds of questions for your CA preparation, mark down the difficult ones and work on them later during revision.
  • He is of the opinion that CA students should build a list of the possible areas they might have an interest in, like Taxation, Audit, Stock Market, etc. They must then build on those respective skills and structure their resumes accordingly.

It is his motto of ‘Learn More, Earn More’ that has motivated many students to achieve big.

Moving ahead, here are some more tips on how to be a successful CA by CA Saksham Agarwal(CA topper):

How to become a successful CA by CA Saksham Agarwal

In the November 2018 exams, Saksham Agarwal scored AIR 1 in the SFM subject with 96 marks. His strategy for scoring revolved around making proper notes and thorough revision.

According to him:

  • Covering all the study content and questions in your first revision and then marking down the difficult ones for the next revisions. One shall notice that with this technique, every successive revision shall become easier and it will be easier to remember things.
  • Making pointers for every topic makes for quick revision.
  • At Least 10 to 12 hours of the day must be devoted to the preparation in the last 1 or 2 months leading to the exam.
  • Not stopping your preparation during your articleship period is a great way to maintain consistency.

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