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The pace of employment growth in India has slowed down in the last two years with job creation growing 3.9% in 2017-18 and 2.8% in 2018-19 as per a study done by rating agency CARE.

Keeping business competitiveness alive nationally through innovation and continuous product expansion has become challenging for most companies. Companies are finding it tough to invest more in their operations in this economic slowdown.

With many companies looking to curtail its production and layoff its thousands of employees, how to get that dream job??

1. A Positive Attitude

Having a proactive approach to problems when they arise is a key life skill to have in both your personal and professional life.

We all know having the required aptitude is a must for getting a job but the right attitude is something we forget about. “Attitude sells! Employers will often overlook if you don’t have everything they are looking for when they see someone with a can-do, positive attitude. Employers can train you in certain skills, but they will have a difficult time changing your attitude and will honestly not have the desire to do so.

2. Skill Set

Knowing your dream job is not enough, you should be well prepared for the interview and to sell yourself.  You need to be able to show how your skills, knowledge, education, and mindset is the best fit for the role.

Making sure that your resume shows all of the things mentioned above is most critical to getting a job. Jobseekers should pay enough importance in preparing their resumes.

Ensuring that their resume shows how qualified they are not enough, one must practice effective answers for the types of questions they may be asked. They should be able to describe their past jobs and what they accomplished to the job at hand and prepare answers to demonstrate that, the better prepared they will be, they will come across as more confident and qualified.

3. Passion

Passion is something a recruiter must-see in the jobseeker’s eye when they sit across them for their dream job interview. If you don’t seem passionate about your dream career, you won’t be able to sell yourself authentically. If you can’t be authentic, you’re not believable. A dream career is a job you love, are good at, passionate about, and would like to do long term. It’s not the money or prestige it brings, but the hit you in your heart and soul because you’ll love what you do!


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