how to Invest in you career during this covid 19 crisis


How to Invest in your Career during this COVID-19 Crisis

In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, when our movements are restricted, we may have ample time at our hands, instead of wasting it on social media and watching web series, it’s time to enhance your skills and knowledge by taking up various online courses and certifications. We all know that this pandemic has hit the economy all over the world, which was evident over the recent quarters even before the crisis struck, With all these problems hitting the world of work from multiple directions, companies are finding it difficult to sustain.

 It’s not very far away that the world would be facing an economic recession. With such a degrading job market and people sitting unemployed at home, it won’t be such a bad idea to invest in your career by taking out some time to enhance ourselves and make your skills more competitive for the tough times ahead.

Professionals should consider learning new job skills, improving those presentation skills, or manipulating formulas on spreadsheets. If you’re lacking a key skill that’s specific to your job — say, a certain advance excel course or software you wish to excel in. The more steps you take to make yourself valuable, the more successful you’ll be in this coming harder time.

  •          Explore your areas of interest.
  •          Select a course that complements your existing qualification or ongoing study
  •      Keep a crystal clear vision of your career.

The collateral damage that has happened to businesses is unprecedented. With struggling revenue and profitability, is sheer job trauma staring at us soon? The current scenario is that Joining offers of students from IIT’s and IIM’s are being revoked. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry. Having all-rounder skills in your field will surely be an added advantage.“The Best Investment You Will Ever Make is in Yourself.” -Warren Buffett

With this thoughtwe are launching an e-learning program, with a view to upscale the aspiring finance professionals.
•    Customized course to help you reach your full potential
•    Learn From Industry Experts
•    Practical industry-based case studies, training modules and assessments.


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