A personalized shortlisting service available at a low fixed cost

Insta-Post + Screening + Scheduling Interviews!

Most recruiters face these challenges.

  • Scheduling interviews and confirmation.
  • Scheduling relevant candidates.
  • Screening hundreds of applicants accurately.
  • Sourcing the relevant applicants.
  • Sharing the job with relevant candidates.

How it Works ?

Understanding the Requirement

Identifying Ideal Candidates

Phone & Video Screening

Shortlisting Best Candidate

1.Client Shares JD with our team

Our team will gather requirements/Job Description (JD) from the recruiters and will have a detailed discussion to understand the desired candidate profile.

2.JD feasibility check and Service delivery commitment

We commit to line-up at least 4-6 candidates depending on the profile for face to face interview round at your premises, after all the initial screening has been done from our end.

Insta Recruit is an extended version of our posting model. As in this model, we ensure the Jobseekers interest in the profile as well as perform an initial round of screening to check if the candidate is as per the desired candidate profile.

We follow a fixed cost model in this service and charge after we have fulfilled our minimum commitment for that profile.

For example- We have lined up 6 candidates for the interview round of a particular profile. We will charge a fixed amount irrespective of the candidates hired.

We won’t schedule further interviews once we have fulfilled our minimum commitment of interviews for that profile, even if no candidate gets hired.

How it Helps ?

Reduce the cost of hiring by cutting down expenditure on other recruitment avenues such as placement consultants, cost of print Ad, staffing/temp services, etc.

Save time and effort by not dealing with irrelevant candidate applications and receive CVs and details of only relevant and interested candidates.

Complete sourcing and shortlisting service in which we will help you with the initial screening process.

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