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Job Overview

Functional Area


Work preferred

Work from Office


Min Experience

2 Years

Max Experience

4 Years


Title : Data Scientist - Machine Learning

Type : Full Time

Job Description

  • Minimum of 2+ years of work experience in Data Science.
  • Experience in Data Science in application to lending finance.
  • Bachelor or masters degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics or a related field.
  • Mastery of Python, SQL, and Python ML libraries.
  • Solid knowledge of applied statistics and machine learning.
  • Experience of building / deploying models and maintaining them in production.
  • Experience in data science models for credit/risk/fraud.
  • Experience with PyTorch, Tensorflow, sci-kit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, Keras, etc.
  • Experience with natural language processing and social network analysis.
  • Competitive experience on Kaggle, ACM ICPC, IMO/IOI (Big Plus).



Data ScienceFinanceMachine LearningPythonResearchSqlStatistics