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In this model, the CVs which will be provided would be shortlisted and filtered out resume compiled through various online and offline sources and through our personal communication channels. All the resume will be screened and shortlisted based on the Job description and the desired candidate profile provided to us.


How does it help?

Rather than buying database from other Job Portals which does not guarantee any particular number of resumes in a given field or qualification and also doesn’t provide filtered resumes which match with the requirement of the recruiting firm, Buy Jobaaj’s profile centric database in which you only get profiles based on your requirement and thus giving you a much higher conversion rate.

How will it work?

As per the package you subscribe, a dedicated team member will collate the profiles of all the desired candidates that are relevant for your job vacancy and will provide you all the CV’s in word and pdf format. Consequently, recruiters can start calling the shortlisted candidates and the hiring begins!!!

Some Unique features of our database

Profile Centric Database

Buy Customized Database of filtered resumes, screened and filtered based on your Job requirements and desired candidate profile. No Need to buy a complete database of other Job portals for your niche requirements.

Screened resumes

We have a team of experts who will compile resumes as per your requirement through our various online and offline sources and through our personal communication channels.

Pocket friendly

Why pay more for a mixed database of resumes which is of no use for you, pay only for the database of Jobseekers as per your Job requirement. Unlike other Job portals we don’t charge you for our complete database, you can get your database customized as per your need.

High Conversion rate

We assure you a high conversion from our profile centric database as we only provide resumes of job seekers that are relevant to your job requirement.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Recruiters can close a vacancy much faster with our Profile centric database, as they just have to skip to the process of scheduling the interview. We do the initial round of screening and filtering for you.

Amazing responses

Forget the hassle of filtering and shortlisting the candidates. Just work on our pre-filtered and short-listed jobseekers database to get amazing reponses from day one.

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