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Take your LinkedIn Profile to the next Level and turn it into a POWERFUL CAREER TOOL  that spotlights your Skills, Experience, Education and Impress your network of connections.  

Elevate your professional presence online with an Expertly-Created LinkedIn Profile

wE wilL rebrand and optimise your linkedin profile

14 millionjob openings on the LinkedIn platform in 2019.

87%of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate and screen candidates.

122 millionpeople got an interview through LinkedIn in 2019.



Perfect your Professional Brand

With more than 660 million LinkedIn members worldwide, having a profile that stands out is essential to your job-search success.

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    Keyword Optimized so you show up in more recruiters’ searches.

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    Aligned with your resume, presenting an engaging narrative.

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    Achievements and skills-based so your profile is top ranked for job

Get discovered — land your dream job

Why Optimise Linkedin Profile?

Do you know Your LinkedIn Profile could help you in getting a job ?

LinkedIn Profile is the best option to search for jobs related to you and to grow your business online, here you can get direct relationships with businesses and targeted people

WHY choose us?

Our seasoned writers have vast experience in revamping LinkedIn profiles, we can write a killer summary with the right choice of words that will truly highlight your skills and abilities in the best possible manner.

Our LinkedIn profile package will allow you to have a customized summary along with a revamped education section, experience and skill section.

Importance of your Personal brand

 is continually gaining more influence in the recruitment world, Optimizing your personal brand online is an essential part of securing the job of your dreams.

We provide Full LinkedIn profile Optimizing, including summary and career history rewrite, skill suggestions and industry-tailored recommendations.

What will we do for you?

You'll get a well optimized LinkedIn ID that will attract more recruiters and audience which will increase your chances of getting noticed because 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their candidate search.

  • Supporting Content & Rich Media
  • LinkedIn S.E.O.
  • Keyword Optimised LinkedIn ID
  • Tips on how to design attractive cover photo
  • Experience, Education, Skills & Endorsements 

Optimize Linkedin Profile with Professional Setup  + Free Tips

Work on Catchy Headline & Summary

Education, Certification & Awards

Work on featured section of the profile and add image links to that section

Professional Experience

Targeted Hashtags/Keywords

Skills & Endorsements

Make your Profile Picture & cover photo standout

SEO Optmised LinkedIn Profile




With this Service get an exclusive tutorial file to know more about :

  • How to Identify your objective for your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to identify your Target Audience
  • Guidelines on how to set up a Good Description (For future Ref.)
  • Tips and Editable content for Recommendation section.
  • Tips to design an attractive Cover Photo
  • Know About Connection Loop
  • Learn importance of content on linkedIn to get an Engaging Profile
  • Learn Secrets of Content Magic and Do and Don’ts for Trend Jacking Content
  • Learn Importance of Hashtags and Post Timings 
  • And Much More………….

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Frequently asked questions

Your resume along with any additional information about your professional career, basically a portfolio in any form which can give us an insight about your expertise and experiences. We would also require your LinkedIn ID and password.

A fully optimized LinkedIn profile will help you appear more professional searches and will generate you better leads.

It is making your profile more search friendly so that when someone is seeking a person of your expertise, you’ll appear on top.

First of all, Don’t Worry its completely safe. We work in a very professional manner. If you’re comfortable then that would be great because it gives us more freedom to work on your profile and if you don’t want to share your login details then we’ll create a detailed word document with all the instructions and content.

          Still Confused?  For any  other query, please feel free to reach out to usContact Us

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"The service was great, quick and the questions asked of me were skilful in order to get the best information for my profile update. Great Job!"
Harsh Gupta
Chartered Accountant
"The executive assigned to me had excellent communication and customer relations skills. which is one of the many reasons I would recommend their services. I did get a significant value out of the service and i am truly thankful that i stumbled upon their services through linkedIn itself!!"
Devesh Goyal
"Jobaaj did an amazing job with my linkedin profile, the quality was very good and they delivered the work quickly. I highly recommend them if you want to take your linkedin profile to the next level! Thank you!"
Vibhor Sharma
"Jobaaj's service was spot on. I was struggling to summarise my career for my LinkedIn profile. They were able to clearly articulate my experience and the value I provide to clients. They made amendments to my profile as necessary and provide feedback and answers to any questions I had."
Parul Singh

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