Salary of CMA in India in 2023

Posted Date: 26 Sep 2023
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If you're considering a career as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in India, you may be wondering about the salary prospects that await you. In this blog post, we will explore the salary landscape for CMAs in India, shedding light on the average earnings and factors that can influence compensation.

CMA Certification:

Before delving into the salary aspects, it's important to highlight the significance of the CMA certification. CMAs are highly respected professionals who possess expertise in management accounting, financial planning, and strategic decision-making. This globally recognized certification sets CMAs apart, showcasing their commitment to professional growth and proficiency in finance and accounting.

Factors Influencing CMA Salaries:

Several factors contribute to the variation in CMA salaries in India. These factors include experience, industry, geographic location, company size, and additional certifications. More experience and expertise often command higher salaries, while industry and company size can influence compensation based on their financial capacity and specific demands. Geographic location also plays a role, as cities with higher costs of living tend to offer higher salaries. Additionally, holding additional certifications, such as an MBA or specialized qualifications, can further enhance earning potential.

Salary Range for CMAs in India:

The salary range for Cost and Management Accountants (CMAs) in India varies from 3 lakhs to 40 lakhs annually, with an average of 10 lakhs per annum ( 83,000 per month) based on 500 recently placed CMAs in ICMAI campus placements. Additionally, the highest starting package for a fresh CMA in off-campus placements is 27 lakhs per annum, and with experience, the highest salary can reach up to 55 lakhs per annum.

In 2023, the CMA salaries in India on an annual and monthly basis are as follows:


CMA Salary per Annum

CMA Salary per Month

Starting Salary

6.5 Lakhs

54,000 per month

Least Salary

2 Lakhs

16,000 per month

Highest Salary (Fresher)

22 Lakhs

183,000 per month

CMA Average Salary

10 Lakhs

83,000 per month

Highest CMA Salary

55 Lakhs

458,000 per month


The time and attempts taken to complete the CMA course, as well as the rank achieved in the CMA Final exams, can influence the salary. Striving to pass the CMA Final exams on the first attempt with a good rank can enhance earning potential.

CMA salaries in India vary based on different job profiles:


Job Role

Average CMA Salary

Financial Analyst

5.45 Lakhs

Senior Financial Analyst

7.73 Lakhs

Finance Manager

11.22 Lakhs

Senior Finance Manager

20.48 Lakhs

Chief Financial Officer

36.33 Lakhs


3.08 Lakhs

Cost Management Accountant

5 Lakhs


CMAs work in various job profiles, including Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Cost Accountants, performing roles related to financial analysis, financial management, cost analysis, and more.

Industry-wise Salary Variations:

The salary of a CMA in India can also vary across different industries. Industries such as consulting, financial services, manufacturing, and information technology are known to offer competitive salaries to CMAs due to the strategic nature of their roles and the value they bring to the organization. However, it's essential to note that salary variations can exist within each industry based on factors like company size, location, and individual performance.

CMA salaries also differ across industries in India:


CMA Salary

Oil & Gas

19 Lakhs


7.8-8.5 Lakhs

Education & Training

6.3-8.1 Lakhs

Clinical Research

3.9 Lakhs


6.6 Lakhs

FMCG Companies

5.7-7.3 Lakhs

Financial Services

3.5 Lakhs

IT Services & Consulting

10.1 Lakhs

Career Growth and Future Prospects:

While salary is an important consideration, it's equally vital to assess the long-term career growth and prospects as a CMA. CMAs are well-positioned to climb the corporate ladder, taking on leadership roles in finance, accounting, and strategic management. With the right mix of experience, expertise, and continuous professional development, CMAs can unlock higher-level positions that offer not only increased compensation but also greater responsibilities, influence, and job satisfaction.


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